Parasites: Flukes

Flatworms are Not a “Fluke” …But They ARE Parasites

Parasitic Fluke

Human Liver Fluke Parasite

Flukes are flatworm parasites that have two ventral suckers, allowing them to attach themselves to their hosts.

Humans usually become infected by eating undercooked or raw seafood (can you say “Sushi”?), infected vegetables such as watercress or water chestnuts, or drinking, swimming, or wading in water that’s infected.

Even though they are microscopic in size, flukes can lay 100,000 eggs a day. And those eggs are covered with teensy spines, causing a lot of tissue damage as they pass through your body.

And pass through, they do.

Once you’re infected with parasitic flukes, these flatworms can migrate to all the organs in your body: lungs, heart, intestine, brain, bladder, pancreas, liver, blood vessels; you name it.

And as if that’s not enough, flukes also release toxic metabolites (wastes from their own metabolic processes), wreaking more havoc with their host’s tissues.

Types of flukes include:

Blood flukes – can cause blood clots in their host, often associated with strokes, high blood pressure, or heart attack.

Fish flukes – cause skin problems, liver and intestinal pressure, gas and other digestive problems. Avoid undercooked fish.

Intestinal flukes – cause excess mucus and sinus trouble, too-slow or too-fast circuit through the digestive tract, intestinal problems, and they are sometimes associated with dioxin poisoning. If they make their way to other organs besides the intestines, they can pave the path to cancer, according to bio-chemist and naturopathic doctor, Hulda Clark, in her book The Cure for All Cancers.

Liver flukes – can be present in any liver disorder: jaundice, liver swelling or inflammation, general toxic condition, pain in the area of the liver. Often associated with alcohol abuse and hepatitis.

Lung flukes – can cause a dry or persistent cough that just won’t go away, shortness of breath or impaired breathing, anemia, even oxygen starvation through the entire blood system. Weakened lungs are very attractive to other illnesses like flu, pneumonia, and fungal infections.

Lymph flukes – may be implicated in any lymphatic disorder including breast cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia. Comes from raw fish and shellfish, and infected water vegetation such as watercress and water chestnuts; can be picked up by drinking or swimming in infected water.

Pancreatic flukes – associated with alcoholism, autism, sugar imbalances such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, candida in the liver, and pancreatic disorders in general. These parasites come from sheep that are weakened by the chemicals on the grass they eat.

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    • Sherri Stockman, PWC says:

      Hi Judith,
      I’m sorry you’re not feeling heard by your doctors; that must be very frustrating!

      Of course, I am NOT a doctor, and I don’t give medical advice, but it’s often the case that people (or pets) can be infected with more than one type of parasite at the same time. Fortunately, anti-parasite treatments usually take care of more than one type. :)

      Lung flukes and liver flukes will impair your lung function and liver function, respectively. I believe it’s unlikely that either of these pests would be able to invade your spine. Perhaps the spinal pressure is from a different source?

      For instance, heavy vaginal bleeding is often associated with uterine cramping (contractions). Some women experience this as a pressure on their tailbones (coccyx) , the lowest part of the spine. There are many causes for heavy periods. If you are not having your period and are bleeding heavily, I hope you will get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

      If you believe you have parasites, you can download my Parasite Cleanse Instructions at no charge. You may also be interested in an Energetic Wellness Scan.

      The best to you!


  2. Concerned 2337 says:

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    Please look at this. Your body will love you for it.

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