Physical Trauma – Accidents and Surgery

Accidents or Surgery equals physical trauma

Physical Trauma

My dictionary says physical trauma is “any physical damage to the body.”

My teacher, Hanna Kroeger, breaks it down to “accidents” and “surgery.”

According to her (and I trust Hanna implicitly), an injury shakes up the aura; surgery cuts the aura. Injury skews the aura, while surgery tears holes in it.

In any form of physical trauma, there are two things that must be done:

1) Heal the injured part

2) Heal the auric field

If left untreated, any kind of trauma can lead to congestion in the body.

Some Simple Home Remedies

Remedy Issue
Aconitum Severe shock, physical or mental
Aloe vera leaves Burns, indigestion
Apis mel Insect bites, stings, swelling, infection
Arnica montana Any injury; no topical Arnica on open wounds- oral only
Calc phos Bone knitting (after it’s been set)
Calendula Cuts, scrapes, rashes
Carbo veg Fainting (oxygenates blood)
Chamomilla Teething, fussiness
Hypericum perf Nerve pain, disc problems
Ledum Puncture wounds, bites, tetanus, swelling, kidney problems
Nux vomica toxic conditions, anger, over-indulgence, indigestion
Rhus tox Poison ivy, skin irritation, itching
Ruta grav Sprains, lameness, weakness, eyestrain
Symphytum Bruises, broken bones, black eyes


Use foot reflexolgy, massage, Reiki, or other energy work to release physical trauma from the body.
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