Agrimony – Bach Flower Essence

Agrimony is the Bach Flower Essence for anguish or distress behind a happy or brave face– a pretended easy-going nature covering repressed worries or fears.

This remedy is very familiar to me: As a “Southern Woman” I was always taught to “Smile; don’t let anyone know there’s something wrong,” no matter what might be going on. It actually took me a couple of years of studying the Bach Remedies before I realized how badly I needed this one.

Southern Belle

Southern Belle

I had become so good at the deception, I was even fooling myself.

A person in a negative Agrimony state doesn’t generally like confrontation: they will do much to keep the situation peaceful, even to the point of self-sacrifice. They downplay their own hardships, not wanting to create distress for others. The hospital patient who entertains the medical staff is probably a negative Agrimony personality!

This trait usually develops in childhood. A sensitive child wanting to please well-meaning adults will learn to push down her own feelings and give the “correct” response. Continuous repression will lead to an inner restlessness, because this truly is a lapse of integrity in a person who despises incongruencies.

Internal restlessness may express itself in self-destructive habits like nail-biting or hair-pulling, or even very serious (health threatening) behaviors of “cutting” and eating disorders (anorexia, bulemia).

Some of the positive potentials in releasing this negative state:

  • ability to deal with confrontation
  • authentic inner joy
  • true optimism
  • skillful diplomat and peacemaker

Agrimony helps you to stand in Your Power and acknowledge what is True.

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