Aspen Bach Flower Remedy

Aspen is the Bach Flower Essence of Courage

These personalities tend to be very sensitive – so much so, that frequently they are even unaware of the source of their anxiety.

Receiving input from other planes (spiritual, emotional) and not knowing or understanding how to interpret this information, someone in the negative Aspen state will be, at the least, uneasy and may harbor unexplained fears that are judged by others to be unreasonable.

This undesirable condition can be brought on by childhood traumas, difficult relationship with parents, even drug use/abuse (what they used to refer to as “a bad trip” in the ’70s).


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Their subconscious is constantly flooded with images and ideas that the waking consciousness is unable to process. Because the source of these impulses is unclear, the negative Aspen personality will have some uncomfortable “something” gnawing at them practically all the time.

This feeling of apprehension is a definite drain on their life force energy, and can result in a weakened physical condition as well as a tormented mental state.

In extreme cases this personality lives a life of fear, anxiety, and panic attacks, full of mistrust about their secure place in the world.

You can’t put a name to Aspen phobias; they remain vague. This is in contrast to Mimulus, where the fear(s) can be named. These two remedies often work well together.

When the negative state is harmonized, the sensitivity that was once so painful and difficult to bear becomes an intelligent intuition. Undefeatable optimism reigns in a safe and secure world.

The positive Aspen type will use Life’s challenges as an opportunity to develop awareness and search for Truth.

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