Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Power in Humility

The Attitude of Gratitude gives you the power to attract the abundance and happiness that you desire and deserve in your life.

How is it that thankfulness can affect the life experiences that you encounter from day to day?

The action of gratitude works on your brain’s physiology. It is a useful approach to lifting your spirit to a higher frequency… where deep and lasting change can occur.

Boer women and children in a concentration camp
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This poem of gratitude was found on a scrap of paper in a concentration camp dormitory in Germany at the end of the second World War:

Lord, remember not only the men of good will,
But also those of ill will.

But do not remember all the suffering they have
inflicted upon us.

Remember rather the fruits we have brought,
thanks to this suffering:

Our comradeship,
Our loyalty,
Our humility;

The courage, the generosity, the greatness of heart
That has grown out of this.

And when they come to judgment,
Let all the fruits we have bourne
Be their forgiveness.

There is a very simple reason why most spiritual traditions suggest that when praying, we give thanks to the Creator for what we already have, rather than ask for what we do not have. The attitude of gratitude and the vibration it creates within us always attracts more good things to us.

Apply the Attitude of Gratitude to Supercharge Your Success

You can do this by consciously training yourself to notice everything you have to be grateful for, and by doing so, tap into the power of thankfulness and appreciation.

Gratitude is often overlooked and seldom ever considered to be an important aspect of re-programming your subconscious for success.

What about all the stories that you read and hear about ordinary people who excel after they adopting gratitude as part of their everyday life?

Being grateful and seeing situations – whether pleasant or unpleasant – as a blessing, brings more abundance, joy, and happiness into your life.

When you are thankful for something – no matter how small it is – you are putting into action the Law of Attraction to get even more of what you want and deserve. Watch how the power of gratitude works to create peace, beauty and joy in your life. The most powerful mind-set we can ever have is the attitude of gratitude.

By learning to appreciate what you have, you increase your ability to harvest the abundance of God’s blessings.

When you are able to fully develop that awareness (and with a little practice, you will), not only is it an extremely freeing experience, but you are setting yourself up for a much greater flow of abundance and happiness being attracted to and coming into your life.

The Universal Laws that govern everything in Creation are in place. You only need to learn to operate in harmony with them. When you adopt an attitude of gratitude, it will allow you to attract the abundance and happiness in your life that you desire.

Here’s a video of people all over the world doing the “Gratitude Dance.”


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