The Big C

The Big CGetting cancer to leave the body is the easy part.

Really. It is. There are loads of safe, effective, non-invasive (and inexpensive) methods available. It’s just that United States law doesn’t allow us to talk about them without threat of legal action.

The part that comes next – the cleanup – that’s where the biggest challenges are.

Because if you stop the cancer in its tracks, and then you fail to change the environment that allowed it to take hold and progress in the first place…. guess what?

At some point (hopefully, not soon), it will make another appearance. That can be very discouraging to most anyone.

It’s not that the cleanup work is so difficult. I think it must be kind of like the experience folks have when they’re taking antibiotics for an infection. They feel better, so they quit taking their prescription halfway through the bottle. (Which of course, you’re not supposed to do. If you’re unable or unwilling to finish your medication, please talk to your doctor about another arrangement)

So please – if you choose to use natural treatments to allow your body to release “the Big C” – please don’t stop your protocols just because your dreaded affliction, that inconsiderate and destructive guest, has left the building.

Again, PLEASE…. be diligent in your housekeeping, and keep that unwanted guest feeling MOST uncomfortable and unwelcome in your home.

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