Blocked Chakra Energy

Chakra Energy moving freely

Un-blocked Chakra Energy

With spiritual congestion, you get blocked chakra energy.

There is an electrical shortage; energy does not flow through your different dimensional bodies, and you stagnate.

Spiritual or mind congestion is expressed in the physical realm as heart trouble, low or high blood pressure, emotional problems, paralyzed condition in part or total, cramps, rheumatism, mental illness, mental limitation.

Color therapy is one of the best tools to balance spiritual congestion (blocked chakras). You can command the colors to return to your chakras and balance them by using visualization, thought, and intent. Use colors in your surroundings and in meditation to heal your body and calm your emotions.

Chakra Healing

Use Colors and their Qualities for Color Therapy

Red – Sensory stimulant; liver energizer; hemoglobin builder; warms body; excitant

Orange – Respiratory and thyroid stimulant, parathyroid depressant; antispasmodic; lung builder

Yellow – Motor stimulant; lymphatic activator; nerve, muscle, and digestive stimulant; bile stimulant

Green – Pituitary stimulant, disinfectant, antiseptic, germicide; muscle and tissue builder; helps prevent blood clots

Blue – Relieves itching; reduces fever, relieves burns; increases perspiration; vitality builder; soothing

Violet – Stimulates spleen, builds white corpuscles; slows heart, lymph, muscles, and nerves, induces sleep

White – Golden white light of God, the Creator, Lord of the Universe

Pink – Unconditional love

Magenta – Emotional and aura builder; cardiac and kidney energizer, regulates blood pressure and circulation

You can also use prayer, intent, and the power of the spoken word to clear negative energies. Try Reiki or some other “healing touch” sort of therapy.

Use one of Hanna’s Computer Pillows (or Reich’s Orgonne blanket) to keep from losing your spiritual energy when using the computer. Or wear an “electromagnetic chaos eliminator“to protect yourself from spiritual congestion all the time.

With any type of healing work, the less you are attached to the process, the better the healing will progress. Because you are not the one doing the work. All healing comes from the Creator, and it’s inappropriate that we take the credit.

Whatever healing technique you use to un-block your chakra energies, your “decongested” spirit will thank you for it, I’m sure.

For help with what may work best for you, have a holistic wellness plan designed for you, exclusively.