Blood Flukes – Vessel Villains

Blood flukes are teensy flat worms that sap the vitality of your blood cells, and your venous system in general. They can be at the root of the problem if you feel tired most of the time, even without strenuous activity.

If your white blood cell count is low, you may want to be tested for Leukemia. If your white count is low, and your red blood cell count is also low, suspect blood flukes.

The metabolic wastes that blood flukes leave (for YOU to clean up) cause your blood corpuscles to “stick” together. Enough of these occurrences, and you’ve got a blood clotto deal with. Blood clots come with their own host of problems, including stroke and heart attack.

Formation of a Blood Clot

Formation of a Blood Clot

Blood flukes can be associated with weak veins, especially spider veins and varicose veins in the legs; also with high blood pressure or stroke, because of the blood congestion they can cause.

These blood parasites can also “flip” your sleep cycles, making you wake up several times in the night, so you feel sleepy during the day.

If you have an infection of this sort for long enough, your bone marrow can eventually be affected.

Blood flukes also rob amino acids, especially arginine – one of the essential aminos we can’t manufacture ourselves – causing a protein imbalance.

Home Remedy for Blood Flukes

With any blood parasite, including blood flukes, mix equal parts:

  • Oil of Sassafras
  • Oil of Wintergreen
  • Oil of Spruce

Apply several drops of this concoction to the soles of your feet 3 times daily.


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  1. Hi,

    Does this remedy really work? What is the duration of a typical treatment?

    I have been suffering for a while since going to PEru 3 years ago. I have not slept a full night since. at my worst I was lucky to sleep 1hour a night for a duration of 8 months.

    This messing with your sleep cycles is no joke.

  2. Curious about whether these blood flukes are big enough to be seen visually?

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