Cancer Fungus

According to Hanna Kroeger, cancer is fungus -based or virus -based. In some rare cases, it can also be caused by a spindle cell viroid.

Abnormal growths can take many forms- the most common are described by doctors as tumors and cysts; also included are strange growths, masses, and lumps.

Immune system

Immune System – The GOOD Guys

There are almost always parasites occurring along with the cancer fungus.

The only cases I’ve seen that did not involve parasites were when the cancer patient had received chemotherapy (I guess the poison killed the bugs, but there are many, much less toxic ways of ridding yourself of parasites).

Environmental toxins are also usually implicated. Fungus grows under stagnant conditions, and chemical and metal poisons create a stagnant arena.

Hanna’s Cancer Fungus Test

Collect your first morning urine in a clean, disposable, plastic cup (don’t use styrofoam). Cover it with a sheet of toilet paper and put it in a dark place where it won’t get accidentally knocked over.

That night, place the plastic cup on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator, securing it so no one will disturb it.

The next morning, pour the urine into the toilet. If there is a fatty, waxy ring in the cup where the surface of liquid was, Hanna says there is cancer fungus present in your system.

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