Karma – Cause and Effect

Eternal Cycle

Karma - Eternal Cycle?

Karma is commonly known as the Law of Cause and Effect. What you sow, you also reap.

There are consequences to each and every choice you make in each and every moment. These consequences aren’t judgements, they are simply outcomes of specific actions (or non-actions).

Karma is unfinished business, unkept promises, blaming others (even God) for your circumstances.

It is up to you to accept responsibility for all your actions, knowing that the person next to you is also experiencing the consequences of his own choices.

The way these circumstances intertwine with one another gives you the opportunity to observe, non-judgementally, these “causes and effects.”

Using these observations, you can then choose to respond in any manner (cause) to achieve the circumstance (effect) you desire.


The trick seems to be that these choices be made without any attachment to outcome.

On the surface, this seems preposterous.

Why would you want something to be a certain way without it being “a certain way”?

And how could you ever accomplish that sort of thing?

All the great spiritual teachers (or at least the ones I’m aware of) have espoused the advantages of emanating love and releasing all else.

This is a fantastic way – maybe the best – to improve your Karma.

Many people on the planet now are resolved to live “better” lives so they can avoid stacking up bad Karma. Maybe you are one of these folks.

But some say building good Karma is still Karma, and keeps you on the wheel. Let’s hope that opinion isn’t keeping people from treating one another with kindness.

And let’s face it- it would be difficult to go through life without interacting with anyone at all, positively OR negatively. It seems to me it’s back to emanating love.

This doesn’t mean being “nicey-nice” all the time (fake behavior does NOT increase good Karma). Instead, try looking at things “through God’s eyes.”

You might be amazed at how this little exercise can totally change your perspective; even people and situations you dislike take on a different light.

Concerning Karma

Illness or any other adversarial circumstance is not to be battled, but instead, transmuted.

By transmutation of Cause, you can be healed. ( Think of it as re-programming. Yes, change the past. Accept Grace.) And with that transmutation, you come closer to the One-ness with your Soul (Higher) Self.

Remember: “What a man soweth, he shall also reap.” Depending on your perception, adversity can be a blessing. Once we understand, there is much we can do to work with the laws of action and re-action.

You cannot break Universal Laws, but you can break yourself against them.

Love dissolves Karma. Forgiveness of self and others is crucial. Once you recognize Truth, realize the need for compassion, and DO the forgiving, you can be released from Karma.

Like they say in the movies, “Pay it forward.”