Causes of Illness

Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger

Years ago, when I was learning how to do these readings, Hanna Kroeger taught us that there were Seven Physical Causes and Seven Spiritual Causes of illness (realize this was long before the popularization of Body-Mind medicine… she was pretty amazing).

These Causes relate to one another, AND are on different levels, or dimensions: for example, physical trauma and spiritual — or some would term it emotional – trauma (as Above, so Below).

Hanna’s categories:

Neglect Neglect
Trauma Trauma
Congestion Congestion
Environmental Toxins Karma
Parasites Spiritual Entities & Dark Forces
Infection Emotion & Etheriological Substances
Miasma & Residues Law of the Universe


Health issues are rarely on just one level, but sometimes only one level shows up in the reading; it is common that other things “straighten themselves out” once some key issues are addressed.

Also, sometimes there is a “glaring” issue that may NOT show up. Once again, maybe it will clear on its own, or possibly, it’s just not THE most important matter to tackle at the moment (according to the reading, at least).

There are some remedies you may find odd—- me, too, sometimes—- but I’ve found it best over the years just to trust it. Everything in our Universe has a particular frequency, and we can use items in Nature to increase our own “charge” and improve well-being. Herbs and homeopathics are used in this way by ingesting them, and other things are simply carried in your energy field, or even just taken in through your eyes (they are the seat of the soul, after all).

After you follow your protocol (reversing any of your causes of ill health), you may want to have a reading done once a year or more (it’s probably best to finish one round before beginning another, but “back-to-back” is OK when you’re really intent on getting some things resolved. Go at your own speed).

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