Chestnut Bud – Bach Flower Essence

Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Tree in Bloom

Chestnut Bud is the Bach Flower Remedy for mental maturity and experience.

It increases your general ability to learn by helping you remember and compare your experiences in life so that better decisions can be made in similar circumstances.

In Advanced Bach Flower Therapy, Goetz Blome states “Our spirit is more open, we are more ready and able to take things in, and our interest in things outside our narrow area of experience increases.”

Life is a constant learning process— hopefully we take these experiences and benefit from them somehow.

It is important to broaden intellectual openness and general awareness. Gradually, the memories of emotional traumas, large and small, enter the consciousness. You could say they surface when the time is right for them to be healed.

Chestnut Bud helps bring awareness; with awareness comes understanding; with understanding comes learning and wisdom. With wisdom, you can consciously CHOOSE to do things differently, so as to get different results.

Children having learning difficulties in school (in addition to using Chestnut Bud) may need a change in learning approach (visual, kinesthetic, etc.), subject matter, or maybe the teacher or scheduling.

Adults with problems at work or in relationships, or those who keep having the same problem over and over again, should examine their living/working conditions to determine if there is something better for them.

Sometimes there are nutritional deficiencies or other physical issues, such as exhaustion, that must be addressed as well.

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