Chinese Face Reading

How Can This Centuries-Old Diagnostic Tool Help You?
face reading map

Last week someone was asking me about face reading, and as luck (!?) would have it, the next day this infographic showed up in my Facebook account (I wish I knew who to credit with creating it, but I don’t).

Like most things about these amazing bodies we live in, I find facial analysis fascinating. The body presents us with so many maps that will tell us when we should be “changing course” – if we will only pay attention.

This graphic mentions skin inflammation and acne as the “tells” but most any event on your face can give you info.

For instance, if you keep getting a pimple in one of these regions on the face map, perhaps you’ll want to look into what may be going on in that part of your body. Maybe you’ve been eating a new food that your body is having trouble digesting. You might get some action on your cheekbone, under eye.

My belief is that breakouts and inflammation signal a more recent (or possibly occasional) issue. A mole may be telling you there is an older issue present.

Wrinkles and scars count, too.

Check out the large intestine section – from the corner of the nose down to the jaw. I bet you can easily think of a face you’ve seen with deeply-etched lines there; they are pretty common, unfortunately.

If you’d like to look a little deeper into this subject, there’s a good little intro book called Your Face Never Lies.

I’ve had it on my bookshelf for years; it’s one of those that always seems to make the cut when I’m culling books.

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