Congestion as a Physical Cause of Disease

Sinus Congestion is just one possibility

Sinus Congestion

If I say “congestion,” most people will first think of sinus congestion. In fact, any system in the physical body may become congested.

Congestion can be Defined as a Stagnant or Sluggish Condition.

So, cholesterol build-up in the cardiovascular system can be thought of as congestion.

And so could constipation… in the large intestine.

High blood pressure is often caused by extra substances (metabolic wastes, fungus, or other garbage, including parasites) “thickening” the blood and making it more difficult to push through the blood vessels (traffic congestion?).

You could take a doctor-prescribed blood thinner (it might help), but then you would just basically have “lubricated” garbage floating through your bloodstream.

What if?

  • you could discover which organs in your body are burdened with congestion?
  • you knew how to relieve that burden using a non-invasive, natural approach?

Cleansing and Detoxification to the Rescue!

You may not want to hear it, but cleansing the body (we’re talking “internal” here) is hugely effective to relieve congestion at many levels.

A great sinus congestion home remedy is to simply rinse out the sinuses using warm water mixed with Celtic sea salt (use only enough salt to make the solution about as salty as tears). A Neti Pot is the easiest, but you can also “snuff” the salt solution from a cup or small bowl: Do one nostril at a time, holding the other nostril closed with your finger. Sniff up the water, then blow it out into the sink or shower.

Your head will feel wa-a-ay better.

And yes, you have to clean the sink or tub afterwards. Yuck!

What About Colon Cleansing?

You don’t have to have colonics done by a professional in a medical setting. Although colon hydrotherapy would help almost anyone.

You don’t even have to do home enemas. But it would “go” a lot quicker if you would.

A more gradual, less invasive, and yet still very effective way to cleanse the colon is with the use of herbs, and for those without severe bowel problems, additional fiber.

And would you believe that many herbal colon cleanses also begin cleaning the liver? A bowel cleanse is advisable before a liver cleanse anyway.

After all, the liver has to have an open pipeline to dump into (or it won’t dump much at all). Ever tried flushing a toilet with a stopped-up sewer line? I think you get the picture.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are quite helpful in many ways. If the pancreas isn’t producing enough enzymes (due to pancreatic congestion, maybe?), there could be a problem with insulin production or digestion of food. The body also uses pancreatic enzymes to reduce inflammation, so enzymes can help relieve arthritis (congestion in the joints).

And the blood pressure problem we discussed earlier?

You guessed it! Digestive enzymes such as Bromelain (from pineapples) between meals will digest the “gunk” in the blood, causing it to be less viscous- “thinner”- so it’s easier for the heart to pump it through the blood vessels at a lower pressure.


This same method is also effective with mucus conditions – I like to use it as a home remedy for sinus congestion, bronchitis, and even pneumonia (with additional supplements, of course).

Here are some common forms of physical congestion, along with possible disease connections:

Arterial congestion – You’re as old as your arteries.

Blood clots – The blood and platelets can form an undesirable glue-like substance.

Kidney stones – It is believed that two–thirds of all people committed to mental institutions suffered from kidney disorders BEFORE the mental illness.

Magnetic imbalance – We live in a flow of electromagnetic energy.

Liver congestion – When your liver is overloaded, it becomes unable to detoxify your system.

Gall stones – Most problems with the gall bladder are due to gall stones (or at least sludge).

Lymphatic congestion – The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to move it like the heart moves blood through your veins.

And last, but certainly NOT least, the biggie:

Constipation – Practically everyone has had to deal with this at one time or another, and knows what a pain it can be.

Fortunately, natural remedies are not as high-powered as pharmaceutical drugs (although sometimes I’ve found them to be a WHOLE lot more effective), so you are very unlikely to be harmed by taking any of these simple steps to alleviate physical congestion.

[An interesting point to cleansing the body: it seems to somehow prepare you for spiritual and emotional growth. Maybe that’s why some sort of fasting is included in the major religions of the world. No time like the present to make your body a better “temple.”]

If you’d like to take some of the guesswork out of it, get your own personalized health plan to help you get started on the road to wellness.