Daily Meditation / Prayer

This is a good, basic daily meditation /prayer for surrender (a particular “often needs work” point for me). I believe my day always goes better if I will pray and give thanks in the morning, before I even get out of bed.

Conversely, I also rest better and more deeply, and feel better next morning, if I pray and give thanks before falling asleep at night.

Try reading this meditation to yourself morning and evening for a week, and see if you notice any difference in the way you feel and react to your day.

Try also reading it aloud, to yourself or to someone else, and notice how you feel.

This can be an especially good affirmation if you record it in your own voice. Leave the tape player on the nightstand, so can can just push “play” without having to totally wake up– while you’re still in that in-between-wakefulness-and-sleep mode.

Please change words and phrases to reflect your beliefs.

“Silence is the language of God, all else is p...
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I give my consent, all of me, to go with my higher self today: where it takes me, and all it leads me to do.

I realize that my current reality is meant to be.

Right Here.

Right Now.

It is God in God’s highest form, the best for this planet, and for me– this life, this evolution.

Thank you, Universe. I consent, and I go with this flow of amazing and wondrous energy, created specifically to carry me on this journey… the destination and the journey being One.

Everywhere I AM is sacred, and I release the tired, negative limitations of my history. I go forth in gratitude and realization of the perfection that always IS, and I get on with Life.

I am in the realization that desire is in me to tell me where to go.

De-Sire, of God, tells me what I’m good at, what I’m here for, where I belong.

Desire, lived in healthy ways, leads me to the best life I can imagine, and then takes me beyond even that.

Onward and upward, following my heart teaches me, and leads me exactly where the Universe has built a place for me; and I live inside that place all day each day, all night each night, all-ways.

I belong here.

I am a cell in the body of God, and my ego stays in service of my highest guidance each moment; it keeps me in synchronicity, for there is no friction in the flow of God. All is One.

I live in Love, and Love nourishes me, even beyond my awareness to ask.

I feel gratitude to the Universe: for my being designed this way, for bringing me synchronicity,

and love,

and the abundance of my purpose here– to constantly express mySelf, my higher Self in the driver’s seat.

In doing this, I manifest my life purpose here and now, and fully in-joy each moment: the joy of being in the right place at the right time, and reaping the fullest benefits.

Thank God, I AM here.

If you feel like you need help or instruction to meditate, you can usually find meditation teachers local to your area. Ask around for a good referral, or search online.

Also, check for local yoga classes. Many times, a short meditation is used as part of a “cool-down” at the end of class.

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