Electromagnetic Chaos Eliminator

Q Link Protects Against Electromagnetic Imbalance or Electromagnetic Interference

A cell phone AND a laptop...She needs an electromagnetic chaos eliminator

I believe most people in our society today need an electromagnetic chaos eliminator, called a Q Link, because they suffer from electromagnetic interference.

It’s everywhere: computers, TVs, cell phones, microwaves, super-sized electrical power lines and transformers.

Some folks are even more sensitive, and are affected by the energy- or frequency- of other people’s emotions. You know how you can walk into a room and immediately feel like you don’t want to be there (even when you’re not facing the IRS auditor or your ex-spouse 😉

Perhaps it’s energythat you’re feeling?

Maybe we all need protection.

We live in a flow of electromagnetic energy: it surrounds us and passes through us. This is our natural state.

When a “something” impedes this flow, a “short circuit” occurs, and the divine pattern of Life and health is skewed.

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The very large magnets used in MRIs, etc. can really mess with your personal electromagnetic frequency and magnetic flow. It’s a good idea to find someone who does “energy work” and get a session or two from him/her after you’ve had a CAT scan or MRI. Or a severe electrical shock.

Being on the receiving end of a violent emotional (angry) outburst can also affect your body’s electrical system. This is one of the things that dedicated meditators (try saying that three times, quickly) are working on in their practice of daily meditation: redesigning and rebuilding their neurotransmitters so they are not (as) affected by the chaos that comes at them.

Some possible symptoms of electromagnetic imbalance are restlessness, nervousness, lack of energy, moody or fearful, central nervous system disorders, poor circulation, malfunctioning or congested organs, nutritionally deficient, or excessive toxins, especially heavy metals.

A non-magnetic tool, the patented Q Link technology (electromagnetic chaos eliminator), has been available on the market a number of years (it is worn as a pendant). I’ve found them to be helpful for myself and for my clients in relieving stress, keeping a calm outlook, soothing nerves, and clearing brain fog. Some people even believe it keeps their blood pressure at a normal level (possibly it helps with their anger issues?).

Now that Kevin Trudeau has recommended using electromagnetic chaos eliminators (in his Natural Cures book) for avoiding electrical pollution, I’m seeing more and more pendants on people, and even on pets!

We all need EMF protection

High Tension Power Lines


Magnets for Healing

On the other hand, healingwith magnetism is the oldest form of healing known to humankind. The huge electromagnetic power of the Universe is utilized in “the laying on of hands.”

Your body, like a magnet (and like the Earth), has a positive (right; masculine) side, and a negative (left; feminine) side (this doesn’t particularly refer to gender. Well, maybe sometimes- a whole ‘nother subject).

North- and south-pole magnets have been used for healing for a really long time, and there are a lot of conflicting theories about what works best. Maybe I was prejudiced by my teacher, but I believe the magnets are more helpful when they are in motion, rather than taped or strapped to your body. The teensy magnets that acupuncturists use are a different matter: they are literally pin-pointing an acupuncture point with magnetic stimulation.

Some people find benefit using the magnetic products on the market. Some aren’t helped at all, and some folks find the magnets to be very annoying (I’m one of these- they actually make me weaker).

Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to boost your own electromagnetic frequency without risking too high an input—

Buy a roll of “refrigerator magnet” material from the craft store. Cut off about an inch for each of your feet. Apply to the inside of your shoes, in the arch (if you put it under the insert, you probably won’t even feel it). This will make your own electromagnetic field, and your immune system, stronger.

One of the reasons I moved to a rural area is that I seem to be highly sensitive to all the microwave and other electrical pollution that is a constant in the city.

But even though the exposure is not as great here in the country, I do use a cell phone (and a cordless phone in my house), watch TV occasionally, am on the computer an awful lot, and my day job is right across the street from a public WI-FI connection.

So the first thing I put on when I get dressed in the morning?
You guessed it — my Q Link !

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