Emotional Toxins and Etheriological Substances

Emotion regulates the immune system, cardiovascular system, glandular systems, and the intestines. Emotional toxins produced in response to a negative experience impact these systems.

You change the physical reality of your body as you change your mood (See the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? for an explanation in understandable English concerning the Quantum Physics believed to be involved).

An emotional crisis does more than injure your psyche; it actually endangers your physical health, as well. It increases your risk of illness, and may even spark accidental injuries (sort of a wake up call so that you’ll address the issue). These emotional toxins find their way to the lymph, kidneys, and skin. They affect metabolism and deflect you from your true destiny.

Will power, obedience, and understanding are the creative forces in your life, your circumstances, and in your health. Remember– You are the one making your decisions. We live in a Free Will Zone.

The pineal gland (the seat of our Faith) and pituitary gland (imagination and willpower) are very important for decongesting emotions. Faith without a goal has no positive end result. You must visualize or imagine your goal as already achieved (If you Believe it, you can Receive it).

Enthusiasm, sometimes known as “God’s breath” is very important, too. Without enthusiasm, you have no power of discernment; there is no joy in life [note: TV dulls your enthusiasm].

Inspiration follows enthusiasm. If you’re missing these two qualities, you will always be in the masses– the onlooker and not the doer.

Whether properly or improperly utilized, Emotion is a powerful force.

And whether consciously or unconsciously, you ARE creating your reality and your existence at every moment.

Please choose – and use – this Force wisely.

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