Environmental Toxins

Our society faces many forms of environmental toxins and pollutants.

Radura - International Symbol for Toxicity - Looks so friendly, doesn't it?

Radura - International Symbol for Toxin

Cities put sodium fluoride in our water supply; our foods have additives, preservatives, and are irradiated (agriculture chemical companies are even trying to get approval to spray vegetable crops with MSG); antibiotics, hormones, and arsenic are found in commercial, non-organic meats; we have been exposed to lead in gasoline and paints; we have atomic (and other) fallout from our atmosphere.

Our immune systems suffer due to EHF waves and ELF waves, microwaves, and EMFs from cell phones, televisions, computers, and power lines. There is probably no place left on our Planet that is not impacted by environmental toxins of some sort.

To help ourselves and our loved ones, we must first know where these poisons come from, what harm they do to us, and how to recognize and then eliminate them.

The two leading categories of environmental toxins are chemical poisons and metal poisons, with magnetic (electrical) imbalances quickly gaining.

Chemical Poisons

Anthrax – Commonly used in chemical warfare, Anthrax residue is found in our atmosphere , and is often given as a vaccination to military personnel.

Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide – inhibit the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues. Can cause headache, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, or death.

Chem Trails

Dioxin – used in Viet Nam as a broad leaf herbicide (known as Agent Orange). It is easily absorbed through the skin or soles of the feet.

Emotional Toxins – An emotional crisis does more than just injury your psyche; it jeopardizes your physical health.

Food Additives – There are bunches of chemicals, metal toxins, food additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners that are used in our foods. More than 3,000 chemicals can be added to foods without having to be listed as ingredients on the food packaging.

Food Irradiation – Food exposed to nuclear waste products are robbed of life force energy and interfere with proper enzyme function in the body. No long term research on the effects of food irradiation has been done.


Nitrates and Nitrites – When you consume nitrates or nitrites, your body forms nitrosamines. Stomach cancer is linked with the excessive formation of these cancer-causing compounds in the stomach.

Pesticides – There are countless pesticides in use these days. Even though they are nearly always used in combination with other pesticides, they are most often tested individually only.


Radiation – Overexposure to X-rays, mammograms, frequent air travel, and cancer treatments. Nowadays, high levels of radiation can be found in the atmosphere.

Stilbestrol – Prescribed in the 1950s to prevent miscarriage until it was learned that it caused birth defects. This is DES hormone residue, and is added to cattle feed as a growth hormone.

Strontium 90 – Comes from nuclear weapons testing and nuclear power production. Found in the soil and on plants, it affects bones and bone marrow, and passes through breast milk.

Uranium – Often associated with blood clots in the spleen. Found near nuclear power plants and other radiation sources, and in atmospheric testing and deployment of nuclear weapons and dirty bombs.

Metal Poisons

Aluminum – When exposed to aluminum, the sinuses produce more mucus, creating excessive sinus drainage, which can lead to sore throat and lung congestion.

Arsenic – Extremely toxic, and its effects are cumulative.

Asbestos – a known carcinogen, it can be found in baby powder, brake shoes (in cars), ceiling tiles and insulation, electric hair dryers, and in many commercial products.

Cadmium – This heavy metal affects the adrenal glands and disrupts the absorption of needed minerals into the body.

Copper – Important in trace amounts, high levels of copper attract parasites.


Graphites – Because it is commonly used as a lubricant, graphite can be found in many products you’d probably never guess (try “cosmetics”). It can cause memory loss and can interfere with heart function.

Lead – Hyperactivity in children or adults is one of many possible lead poisoning symptoms.

Mercury – To help rid yourself of mercury poisoning symptoms, eat lots of high sulfur vegetables like onions, garlic, broccoli or radish sprouts, and eggs from healthy chickens.

Nickel – an oxygen robber that coagulates the blood in your veins. Nickel is used to hydrogenate oils and turn them solid (shortening, margarine).

Nicotine – Cancer is the most common disease associated with effects of smoking.


Sodium Fluoride – The production of collagen is inhibited by an over-abundance of sodium fluoride. That means wrinkles, arthritis, and other characteristics of premature aging.

Sulfur – when sulfur settles in the liver and kidneys, it can cause you to have negative reactions to sulfa drugs.

Electrical and Magnetic Pollution – An electromagnetic chaos eliminator (worn as a pendant) has been available a number of years. They have been helpful in relieving stress, keeping a calm outlook, soothing nerves, and clearing brain fog.

If you suspect you’ve been contaminated with environmental toxins, an energetic wellness scan can help with your next step toward wellness.