Food Combining for Better Digestion

Simple food combining is a must for the stomach to do its job properly. Eat 3 or 4 things at a meal, but change with each meal. I highly recommend staying within the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type dietary guidelines.

1. Don’t start your day with a stimulant (caffeine, cigarette), and don’t eat until you’re awake. If you exercise in the morning, wait to eat until afterwards. For breakfast, have a high protein meal like eggs or meat with vegetables, or eat fruits and cereals. See what makes you feel best. At the very least, have some toasted Ezekiel bread. For lunch, it’s also important to have meat and vegetables, or potatoes or rice and vegetables. Avoid high protein after 2 PM. For the dinner (supper) meal, have complex carbohydrates and vegetables.

Eat fruit by itself

2. Eat fruits alone on an empty stomach (at least 1/2 hour before a meal). Fruit makes a great snack. Never eat fruits with vegetables, and never eat anything else with cantaloupe.


salad or veggiesheavy animal proteins3. Proper food combination calls for eating concentrated (animal) proteins with vegetables, NOT with starches (brown rice and sprouted breads like Ezekiel are OK). Never have milk and meat at the same meal. They require different digestive enzymes, and the meat won’t digest properly if they are eaten together.

4. Eat concentrated (starchy) carbohydrates with vegetables. Both raw and cooked vegetables should be eaten at mealtimes (50% raw and 50% cooked).

vegetables or salad

breads, pastas, cereals

5. Do not use aluminum pots and pans, foil, or tableware. Do not drink sodas or beer from aluminum cans.

6. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar products. Don’t overdo the natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, molasses, etc. Choose cane sugar or succanat over corn syrup – best of two evils. 🙂

7. Avoid greasy and fried foods.

8. Always bless your food before eating.

9. Remember that nothing is set in stone. Some days your body might be more sensitive than others. And some people seem to be able to eat anything and get away with it (at least for a while…..).

Learn to “listen” to your stomach, your liver, and the rest of your system. Your body will appreciate beneficial food combining, and will thank you for it.

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