Gentian – Bach Flower Essence

Gentiana acaulis (Stemless gentian)

Gentian is the Bach Flower Essence for strength of will: appropriate for those who are weak-willed, despondent, or who easily give up. It strengthens resolve and endurance, and encourages a more optimistic attitude.

A negative Gentian type will look at a failure as a “sign from the gods” that this project was “not to be,” rather than as a challenge to do some creative thinking. Because of this attitude, s/he will miss opportunities. In fact, s/he often brings on failure because of this pessimism and lack of determination.

This type suffers not just because of weakness, but also from the consequences of weakness. Sometimes in the healing process (of a physical illness), there will be a setback, delay, or relapse, as though s/he hasn’t the strength to complete the process.

The positive Gentian is free of envy and false ambition, because of the belief that the Universe brings each of us the best thing for us. When something doesn’t go according to plan, s/he realizes there is something else (maybe better) out there.

When a door closes, a window opens.

Because of her serene and cheerful nature and flexibility, she is well-liked by all, and is surrounded by success.

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