Viral Infection

A viral infection can be difficult for the body to detect because it (the virus) has a protein coating. A virus cannot reproduce itself and must utilize the host’s (YOUR) DNA to replicate. The virus gets into your cell nucleus (to get to the DNA) by using a special enzyme. This enzyme can be de-activated […]

How to Avoid Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis – literally, porous bone – is a chronic medical condition where your body loses bone faster than it can make new bone tissue. With enough bone deterioration, someone suffering with osteoporosis can get a fracture from even a low trauma event. This means that while a normal bone will break from an intense fall […]

Something New!

Clients asked for it, so here it is: If you have a cold or some other problem and you want some help taking care of it, you can order up my Quick Test. And even better – refer your friends for a Quick Test and I’ll send you a special Thank You gift.

The Bad News about Sleep Deprivation

It seems that people are starting to sleep less and less. In the early 1900’s, people slept 9 hours a night on average; now they’re getting less than 7 hours. We have so many modern conveniences that are supposed to save us time, but really they just give us more to do. Before you accept […]

Chem-Free Teeth Whitening – A Little Experiment

When I saw the article for a natural teeth whitening process, it got my attention. After all, many items in my diet come with natural teeth-staining properties: coffee and tea, blueberries, beets, blackberries, red wine… So I began to read, and my immediate reaction was, “Cool… I could use this.” The next instant I’m wondering […]

Mimulus – Bach Flower Essence

Mimulus is the Bach Flower Remedy for a fear that can be named, such as fear of spiders or crowds, or fear of getting sick or being alone. Persons in a negative Mimulus state are many times timid or bashful, and may become nervous (blush, giggle, stammer, palms sweaty) when meeting new people or having […]

Chinese Face Reading

How Can This Centuries-Old Diagnostic Tool Help You? Last week someone was asking me about face reading, and as luck (!?) would have it, the next day this infographic showed up in my Facebook account (I wish I knew who to credit with creating it, but I don’t). Like most things about these amazing bodies […]

Want Better Digestion?

Getting Your Digestion to Work FOR You Everyone’s in such a hurry these days, and multi-tasking, too, even at mealtimes, just to try and get everything done. Eat and run, eat in the car, in front of the TV or computer… Cross my heart, these habits do not serve you. You can do a better […]

Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites tend to accumulate in the brain and heart. They reduce the oxygen level to these organs, and depress the motor centers of the spinal cord. They are most often found in processed meats: sausage, bacon, ham, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc., and can also be a result of grilling meats. When you […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

If you are one of the many people who deal with pain on a daily basis, there are a few options available that might reduce your dependence on painkillers, and even herbs! And not just simple, they could almost be considered free. The first is water. Being properly hydrated can have a huge impact on […]