Stop Seasonal Allergies with These Simple Solutions

Quick and easy ways to stop sinus, throat, and respiratory symptoms in their “tracts” Seasonal allergies are not just totally annoying, they are becoming a serious health and wellness issue. Listed as the 6th leading cause of chronic illnesses in our country, allergy-induced disease and their secondary health issues are nothing to sneeze about. Numbers […]

The Big C

Getting cancer to leave the body is the easy part. Really. It is. There are loads of safe, effective, non-invasive (and inexpensive) methods available. It’s just that United States law doesn’t allow us to talk about them without threat of legal action. The part that comes next – the cleanup – that’s where the biggest […]

Can We Blame Disease on DNA?

Nature vs Nurture Billion$ spent on mapping genomes, and it turns out that, not only are we (all of us) unique organisms, but the cause of major disease is essentially environmental in nature. According to “science rules,” medical geneticists are disproving their own theories – which is actually one of the goals of science. But […]

Can Music Help You Concentrate?

Moms have been nagging kids forever to turn off the radio/stereo/iPod while they’re studying. Does music affect concentration on the task at hand? That question has been the focus of studies and articles, to determine whether yes or no, and also which type of music might improve performance. There’s no doubt that music is powerful. […]

It’s Spring, It’s Texas, and That Means Bugs!

And since it’s nearly Earth Day (April 22) I thought I’d share a few organic pest control tips to use for pesky many-legged and winged critters. Prevention is the best way to go, if possible. If you’ve lived here any time at all, you know you can’t leave food on the counter without attracting some […]

Thyroid Problems

Your thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the front of your neck, right below your Adams apple. This little gland produces hormones that regulate your body’s metabolism, it controls your energy level, cardiovascular system, and also affects on other systems. It’s the gland associated with your Throat Chakra – your integrity, authenticity, […]

It’s Up to You

Our bodies were created to serve us, and every day we re-create them, cell by magnificent cell. The building materials consist of the things we consume. Food, of course, and also thoughts and ideas – what we read, watch on TV or in movies, our conversations and experiences. If you are to honor the original […]

Tomatoes are Fruit (Technically, They’re Berries)

But the FDA says Ketchup is a Vegetable. Hmmmm… Ah, the tomato, both tasty and sentimental. Here in Texas, there’s an unwritten law requiring the consumption of tomatoes each and every day. How would we survive without salsa, or ketchup, or spaghetti? The tomato originated in South America, was brought back to Europe by Spanish […]

Viral Infection

A viral infection can be difficult for the body to detect because it (the virus) has a protein coating. A virus cannot reproduce itself and must utilize the host’s (YOUR) DNA to replicate. The virus gets into your cell nucleus (to get to the DNA) by using a special enzyme. This enzyme can be de-activated […]

How to Avoid Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis – literally, porous bone – is a chronic medical condition where your body loses bone faster than it can make new bone tissue. With enough bone deterioration, someone suffering with osteoporosis can get a fracture from even a low trauma event. This means that while a normal bone will break from an intense fall […]