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For minor medical issues, first try a home remedyMany of what we know as home remedies are remnants of ancient (or at least old) healing methods.

People have been getting sick and getting well for a long time. In every ancient culture, there has been some sort of wise woman, shaman, medicine man, priest, or healer to whom the common people looked for cures (in some cultures, the village doctor was “fired” if everyone didn’t stay well).

And even the Bible says there is an herb for every affliction.

So, we had treatments – or home remedies – long before Western Medicine or hospitals existed.

Our advantage now is that we can access natural, home remedy type methods, AND the modern, scientific breakthrough methods as well, whichever is appropriate.

Find affordable healthcare when you need medical attention.

[This is assuming, of course, that our government doesn’t take away the possibility of using any kind of healthcare besides doctors, pharmaceuticals, and “modern” medical procedures. When you have a couple of hours, peruse the FDA website – www.fda.gov and come to your own conclusions about who is making the decisions that affect your long-term health and safety. HINT: It is NOT your best interest the FDA is protecting.]

When you have a minor health issue, home remedies might be a better alternative than going to a doctor… for several reasons:

1) It is quicker. No waiting for an appointment, and no time spent in the doctor’s waiting room.

2) It is probably safer. That waiting room is full of sick people, and your immune system is already down. You could be vulnerable to catching another illness (most staph infections are contracted in medical facilities).

3) It is less expensive. Most likely a LOT less. Even if you spend a couple hundred dollars on a really thorough home health kit, you’d come out ahead. You can easily drop that amount in one doctor visit.

4) You are in control. A very empowering emotional experience, but it does involve taking some responsibility. When you are the one making the decisions, it is up to you to prioritize and choose. That means educating yourself.

Is a 99° fever OK?

Probably, unless it lasts for more than a day or so (could be a low-grade infection. But wait – don’t reach for the antibiotics just yet).

Your child has a clear nasal discharge?

Again, probably OK. Just put her on clear liquids, lots of vitamin C, rest, and don’t let her get chilled.

Junior decided to jump out of a tree, he’s screaming in pain, and his collar bone just doesn’t look right.

Time to head for the emergency room. Broken bones need to be set properly, and as soon as possible, so future alignment problems can be avoided.

Stay tuned to this home remedies page – I’ll have a lot of suggestions for you coming up.

Meanwhile, for making home remedies, I recommend The Herbal Home Remedy Book by Joyce A. Wardwell . I have several books from this series, and they are always clear and simple to understand, contain good information, and are reasonably priced.

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