Infection and Your Immune System

Immune System at Work - Macs killing cancer cells

Immune System at Work

Your body’s immune system is your own powerful defense against infections of all kinds: bacterial infection, fungal infection, viral infection, and viroids.

As long as your immune system is working properly, without too much interference, you will be shielded from these trespassers. This is why several people can be exposed to an infection, and then some pick it up, while others don’t.

When the immune system is constantly busy “putting out fires” (too much stress, poor diet and digestion, having to break down and process toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, drugs, radiation, chemotherapy), it is “spread too thin” to do an excellent job of defending against infection.

This explains why the first thrust of a natural healing practitioner will almost always be some sort of cleansing. It helps take the extra load off the immune system so it can do the job it was designed for.

The thymus gland, spleen, and thyroid are the primary organs contributing to the immune system, while the skin and mucous membranes are our first line of defense against infection. The left kidney appears to have an affinity for infection (probably because of the electrical polarity), and infection may tend to collect there as the kidney attempts to filter it out.

With age, your immune system weakens and is less able to throw off infection as easily as in its younger days. So it becomes ever more important to keep yourself physically strong, taking care to provide quality fuel (good food and water), and good hygiene and cooking habits.

When dealing with infection, it is important not to eat concentrated protein after 2 PM. Heavy-duty protein can take up to eight hours to be broken down into usable amino acids.

If the amino acids haven’t been delivered where your body needs them before you settle down to sleep, they can stagnate in the lymphatic system, or worse, get dumped into the weaker areas of your body. Once there, the amino acids can aggravate already existing conditions such as arthritis or cancer.

Empowering your immune system is the best possible way of avoiding infection, and is also (many times) the best treatment.

Bacterial Infection
A bacterial infection can’t get inside a living cell. Instead, it surrounds the cell and multiplies in the waste it creates.

Fungal Infection
When it comes down to it, fungal infections are the result of a depressed or compromised immune system.

Viral Infection
Even though a virus just has to run its course, there are many options available to relieve symptoms.

Viroid infection can be sudden, or it can be gradual. Scientists suspect that viroids can linger harmlessly in cells for years after they invade the body.

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