It’s Up to You

Creation and Re-creationOur bodies were created to serve us, and every day we re-create them, cell by magnificent cell.

The building materials consist of the things we consume. Food, of course, and also thoughts and ideas – what we read, watch on TV or in movies, our conversations and experiences.

If you are to honor the original creation of that beautiful, tiny infant… your beginning on this Earthly Journey, how will you create your daily experience? What building materials will you provide to fuel the constant remodeling your amazing body produces for you each day?

And equally important, what will you put out into the world?


  1. Jason Mangrum says

    Our body and soul also needs healing.I do believe that if we are not healed spiritually,our body and mind will not be healed also.No matter how hard our life goes we must know on how to communicate with Him.

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