Liver Congestion

The liver is your body’s largest gland. It lies mostly under the right ribcage (beneath the diaphragm), but extends to the left side at the top. It is shaped sort of like a triangle, if you saw a diagram looking at the front of the body.

Its most important job (it has many) is to reduce or remove toxic chemicals from the bloodstream.

This includes pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, poisonous substances including insect stings, and even emotionally-produced toxins and overload of reactive foodstuffs.

The liver is the most affected organ when it comes to metal and chemical poisoning. When your liver is overloaded, it becomes unable to detoxify your system (This can happen quickly, as in massive exposure to some toxic substance, or it can be a gradual build-up over years of “abuse”).

That’s when your body starts accumulating (storing) toxins.

Cirrhosis of the Liver -  high magnification

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a degenerative inflammatory disease that results in hardening and scarring of liver cells. A condition that is similar to cirrhosis, but on a microscopic scale, is caused by parasites – liver flukes – “tunneling” through the tissue. This obviously causes damage and scarring, and so affects liver function.

The liver has a huge capacity to regenerate itself, if given the chance. This ability to produce more liver tissue is the reason that people with liver dysfunction, such as cirrhosis, may have a “pregnant” look (their liver has become enlarged and probably even “hardened.”

If much of the liver becomes unusable, the body simply make a larger liver, so the body can continue to operate on a fairly normal basis).

Jaundice is due to congestion or blockage in the gall bladder duct, or can be from infection.

A “sluggish” liver can be helped by applying castor oil over the entire abdomen and up onto the ribcage (Castor oil is very difficult to wash out of fabric. Either wear clothing that it’s OK to stain, or use Saran wrap or similar plastic film to shield your clothing and bed linens). This is an Edgar Cayce remedy that I’ve seen help even in cases of hepatitis.

Symptoms of liver congestion include allergies, stiff neck, alcohol abuse (or other addictions), malnutrition, nutritional malabsorption issues, diarrhea, upset stomach, jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, “liver spots”, puffy face, hemorrhoids, strong body odor, tendency to hold weight in the upper abdomen, and chronic throat problems.

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Congestion can be defined as a stagnant or sluggish condition.

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  1. When the state Hepatoxicity, they mean anycause that would cause dagame to the livercells. This could be 1. alcohol consumption,2.medication toxification, 3. chemical exposure,4.bile ducts being obstructed/malformed/infection inside which would cause thebile to back up into the liver and the bileacid and minerals may dagame the cells5. viral infection where a virus has enteredthe body and is using the liver cells toreplicate itself (Hepatitis A,B,C,etc)6. Fatty liver disease that can be causedby alcohol or weight gain, diabetes,insulin resistance, etc. 7. Auto immunedisease where the body immune systemattacks the body’s own cells 8. hereditaryconditions. And there are others.When the cells of the liver become dagame,the immune system of the body will respondto this and cause inflammation to developinside the liver. This can cause the liverto enlarge in size. If the cause is stoppedand the inflammation is treated .the livercells can heal.If it is not, it can cause liver failure.Liver failure starts when the cells of the liverare no longer able to do the functions tokeep the body well. This starts to occurwhen the cells become so dagamed thatthey start to die off and formation ofscar tissue forms inside the liver.The scar tissue will then block the flowof blood through the liver and also to theliver cells which causes more cells to die.It is a progressive disease, known asCirrhosis of the liver. Liver failure isalso an ongoing process as morecells die the more the functions theliver does, as a whole, will continue todeteroriate .until the liver finally goesinto Complete liver failure where it canno longer help the body and the liveris almost completely dead and the patientwill die if they don’t have a transplant.You need to be with either a gastroenterologistor hepatologist now. If they believe yourliver has inflammation, they may do anultrasound to be sure. Be sure to tellthe doctor all medications you are taking:over the counter med, over the counterpain meds, vitamins, mineral, herbs,supplements, etc and even drugs thatyou are on that are prescribed by otherdoctors. Medication go through theliver first to be broken down beforegoing to the rest of the body.The very best test to find out if someonehas cirrhosis is a liver biopsy.I hope this information has been of somehelp to you.

    • Sherri Stockman, PWC says

      Hi Khalilo,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge about our hard-working livers. We put them through so much, don’t we?

      I always hope that people won’t let their health deteriorate to the point of needing an organ transplant. Obviously they will need a team of surgeons (and more) if they let it go that far.

      The place for the work I do is right about the middle of your paragraph – finding the cause, stopping the inflammation, and allowing your body to heal. My mission is empowering people to heal themselves, so I provide a good bit of information about prevention of health problems, along with simple remedies folks can do on their own.

      And if you want to discover why you got sick in the first place, and how you can take steps so it never has to come back again, there is also an opportunity to work with me personally.


      • sherri i would love to talk to someone about my liver r u a dr or a naturalist???

        • Sherri Stockman, PWC says

          Hi Bianca,
          I am not a doctor; I am a Naturopathic Practitioner. I believe in avoiding harsh treatments and pharmaceuticals when possible, and that our bodies can tell us what they need in order to heal.

          AND, I believe we in free will. I hope we always have the legal right to choose what kind of treatments we can have access to, whether they are medical, pharmaceutical, herbal, natural, energetic, or even none at all.


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