Miasm Constrictors

Constrictors, the miasms or residues of venomous bites or stings, tend to settle in the muscles, including the heart muscle.

They cause a “tightening” in the systems of the body and can be associated with respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other conditions that aggravate breathing and the neck and throat.

Constrictors can be involved when heart issues are difficult to clear. They can be acquired through a bite (spider, insect, and other critters), or through eating meat that is from an animal that’s been bitten. And nowadays you can even pick up a constrictor miasm from radioactive fallout and chem trails.

Black Widow SpiderBlack Widow Spider – nerve poison; may need immediate medical attention.

Brown Recluse Spider – nerve poison; may need immediate medical attention.

Dog bite – associated with convulsions, even years after being bitten.

Insect bite – bites and stings from insects can cause itching, swelling, welts, allergic reactions, and infection. The venom from Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and even bee or wasp stings may cause severe allergic reactions that need medical attention.

Rattlesnake – this residue often causes tightening in the throat, producing a chronic cough or heart pain. Poison from rattlesnakes can be found in the milk (so then also, cheese) or meat from an animal bitten by a rattlesnake. Of course, get to the Emergency Room immediately if you are bitten.

Scorpion – nerve poison. A scorpion once stung me directly over my heart. Days later, my heart rhythm was still being affected.

Most people are totally unaware of any symptoms of these venomous residues, but in many cases, these miasms can be the undiagnosed cause of supposedly “incurable” maladies.

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