Miasm and Vaccine Residue

Residues of Childhood Diseases

A miasm (plural- miasma) is a genetic carryover from your ancestry. when one of your ancestors survived particular diseases, their genetic coding was “overwritten.”

DNA Structure

DNA Structure

Because of the luck of the hereditary draw we call mitosis and meiosis, there is a fifty/fifty chance that genetic trait will be passed on to the next generation (although symptoms usually skip one or two generations).

Great news

If you can find and “re-program” the miasm before you have children, the genetics won’t be passed down to them.

The disease pattern of a miasm isn’t the same as the original infection, but it does have similarities or connections to that infection or even its location in the body. They tend to be quite difficult to treat using conventional methods (according to Western Medicine, there is usually “nothing that can be done”).

Your arteries must be cleared first, or the treatment will take longer.

[Of course, before we work on your arteries, there is usually a need to clear the liver and kidneys. And before that, in most cases, the digestive tract – primarily the bowels.]

It’s very important to deal with other issues before addressing miasma and childhood disease/ vaccine residues (please see Physical Congestion and Spiritual Congestion).

Think of the miasm as the “root” of the tree. First, we have to treat the “leaves,” then the “branches” and “trunk,” then finally the “root.”

With miasms and disease residues, there are three clear categories:

Constrictors – they settle in the muscles and cause tightness or constriction.

Miasma– genetic “re-coding” as a result of disease in your ancestry.

Vaccines and Childhood Diseases – unprocessed disease remnants and poisonous substances from vaccines.

The lists are long- it’s true- but getting to the root of disease is definitely rewarding. Begin by tracking symptoms, and trace back to disease or vaccine residue and miasm.

Once you discover where the issue originates, specialized homeopathic remedies can be used to clear the problem(s).

I haven’t been successful in totally reversing the ailment in every single case (a lot depends on age and a few other factors), but we have always been able to at least “arrest” the issue, and keep it from progressing any further.

Creating your personalized wellness plan is your first step.