Miasma usually skip at least one generation only to appear as a collection of difficult-to-treat symptoms.

Tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea are the three primary (and distinct) miasms. Miasm can also result from the health issues and prominent diseases of our society today.

They shouldn’t be treated before the body is ready, and so are usually the last thing to be addressed when clearing disease from the body. So don’t skip ahead, even though you’d desperately like to get rid of those particular symptoms, OK?

Congenital defects – birth defects can take many forms.

Cystic Fibrosis – this disease affects all the exocrine glands, usually including the pancreas and even the sweat glands. It is a disease of children and infants and is transmitted genetically.

Gonorrhea virus – usually exhibits as a genital organ weakness. Thought to be the least serious miasm, it is easier to treat and is helped by good nutrition. mosquito

Malaria – disease symptoms include chills, fever, intense headache, coated tongue, and low-grade infection. Malaria is an acute (or sometimes chronic) infection caused by protozoa parasites inside the red blood cells. It is carried by mosquitoes.

Measles – This residue can be from the vaccine or from the disease itself. It is associated with problems with the spinal nerves and spinal fluid, and is often underneath multiple sclerosis.

Penicillin – a penicillin miasm causes rapid swelling to the entire body, and is the result of overuse of antibiotics in the medical (sick care) field and in Big Agriculture. Penicillin and other antibiotics are now in our water supply and the food chain, causing not only antibiotic resistance, but also a silent Candida epidemic.

Petro-chemical – These miasms are a result of overexposure to petroleum products (including pharmaceutical drugs) in the past century. Indications include diabetes, infertility, miscarriage, impotence, muscle atrophy, fluid retention, and premature graying and/or loss of hair.

Radiation – with the growing use of nuclear power and atomic weapons use and testing, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of radiation in our atmosphere. Symptoms include allergies, anemia, arthritis, cancer, hair loss, premature aging, and weakness of muscle and bone tissue.

Sickle cell – hereditary chronic form of anemia characterized by crescent-shaped red blood cells.

Smallpox – bedridden with backache for several days before appearance of skin eruptions. Small moles all over the body can indicate smallpox residue. Smallpox and chickenpox are both associated with the herpes virus.

Syphilis spirochete – this miasm manifests through various skin disorders (lesions, psoriasis, shingles), brain tumors, reproductive disorders, general weakness, and dementia. It may be an underlying cause in some AIDS cases.

Tuberculosis residue – Tuberculosis is a chronic bacterial infection of the lungs and spine, and is generally spread by coughing and sneezing (and it’s on the rise, especially in the third world, and in the jails- crowded conditions with little medical supervision). Usually, people with Tubercular miasm have weak lungs, but seem to be immune from the actual TB infection. May be an underlying cause of Lupus. This miasm is a booger to treat: it can take as long as three years to interrupt its cycle. The skin, bones, and muscles are greatly affected, manifesting as arthritis, bunions and crooked or hammer toes, chronic cough, fatigue, gaps between the front teeth, macular degeneration, scoliosis, skin cancer, and whooping cough.

Miasma gives a whole new meaning to “sins of the father…”

For more on miasma:

Constrictors– they settle in the muscles and cause tightness or constriction.

Vaccines and Childhood Diseases– unprocessed disease remnants and poisonous substances from vaccines.

Miasm – a miasm shouldn’t be treated before the body is ready, and is usually the last thing to be addressed when clearing disease from the body.

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