Mimulus – Bach Flower Essence

Mimulus Flower

Mimulus Flower

Mimulus is the Bach Flower Remedy for a fear that can be named, such as fear of spiders or crowds, or fear of getting sick or being alone.

Persons in a negative Mimulus state are many times timid or bashful, and may become nervous (blush, giggle, stammer, palms sweaty) when meeting new people or having to speak in public. They tend to be very sensitive to outside stimuli, like noise, bright light, or temperature.

Having fear is not the same thing as being aware of negative surrounding circumstances. Mimulus will help release your anxiety and call your “Warrior” energy to work.

Awareness of danger or potential harm is an extremely valuable asset. Allowing it to go into the negative energy of fear leads to anxiety, which in turn opens a Pandora’s Box of unpleasant symptoms and emotions.

Taking Mimulus will help you to discern your healthy boundaries and face the world with confidence, as well as developing your own courage, along with compassion for others who may be living with fear.

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