Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites tend to accumulate in the brain and heart. They reduce the oxygen level to these organs, and depress the motor centers of the spinal cord.

Cold cuts tend to be high in nitratesThey are most often found in processed meats: sausage, bacon, ham, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc., and can also be a result of grilling meats.

When you consume nitrates or nitrites, your body forms nitrosamines. Stomach cancer is linked with the excessive formation of these cancer-causing compounds in the stomach.

Vitamin C greatly reduces nitrosamine formation, so if you choose to eat those processed pork products, please take some Vitamin C first.

And digestive enzymes wouldn’t hurt, either.

When nitrates and nitrites have built up in the brain and/or heart, Marshmallow root has been known to help.

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