Taking Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Most people are familiar with teas, and herb or vitamin tablets and capsules. You may be instructed to take them between meals, with food, or some other specific way. Liquid herbal extracts will be similar, although they usually need to be taken in water or juice.

Homeopathy is a little different: it is considered to be Energy Medicine, and is very specific.

Pour the pellets into the lid of the jar or tube, rather than into your hand, and then directly under the tongue – the theory being that your personal frequency may affect them.

If you are the only one who will be using that particular bottle, it’s probably OK to pour them into your hand , and back into the container. But putting them in the lid is a good habit to develop, because a friend or family member may also be using that remedy at some point (or maybe it’s in the first-aid kit for everyone to use).

Homeopathic drops are to be put into a small glass (usually 2 ounces) of water. I like spring or well water best.

These pellets or drops work best if they are taken at least 5 minutes away from other substances, including brushing your teeth (water is considered neutral—it doesn’t count).

Try not to take your homeopathics with you through the airport. The big magnets in the metal detectors may affect the frequency of the remedy.

Whatever remedy you are using, whether it is a tea, a pill, an activity, etc, it will ALWAYS be more effective if you affirm (bless) it as you are doing it. Choose something appropriate to your situation, such as “this herb is strengthening and healing my pancreas” or “I am letting go of behavior that no longer serves me.”

If You Are Alcohol-Sensitive:

Most homeopathic liquids and herbal extracts contain alcohol. If you don’t want to consume alcohol, just warm up your water until it starts to steam a little. Pour 2 ounces of this heated water into a cup and add your drops.
By the time it’s cool enough to drink, the alcohol should have evaporated.


Chronic Pain Relief the Natural Way
Traditional treatments and modern discoveries.

Ideally, vitamin deficiency is prevented by eating nutritious food. Unfortunately, modern, processed foods make it difficult.

Mineral deficiency is a big deal. All of our mineral nutrition ultimately comes from the world’s oceans.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential Fatty Acids, or EFAs, must be obtained from your diet, because your body can’t make them, and they are essential to your health.



Amino Acids

Also known as polymannans, glyconutrients are complex sugar molecules that strengthen your immune system’s function.

Homeopathic Medicine
Traditionally, homeopathy is prescribed to treat (and cure) the cause of illness, besides easing symptoms.


Bach Flower Remedies
Classified as emotional homeopathics, the Bach Flower Essences help to coax negative symptoms toward their more positive aspects.

Essential oils