Physical Neglect: One Origin of Disease

First, find the origin of the disease

Sometimes it sounds so simple that you might think it wouldn’t make a difference. And if you experience physical neglect just once (and only once), that would probably be true.

Unfortunately, that’s not usually the way it works: habits, by definition, occur over and over on a regular basis.

But guess what!

We live in a Free Will Zone™.

It’s up to you to decide what you will and won’t do each and every day to take care of your Self and your Health.

Yeah, some days will go great, and some days your options might be limited. But it can still go well, in spite of obstacles.

For example…
Say you’re attending some function (or you’re a guest in someone’s home). It’s time for dinner and the table is practically creaking under the weight of all the food.

A lovely feast

A lovely feast

Lots of choices? A good variety of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables? A couple or three salads to choose from? Several alternatives for protein (animal source/ vegetarian)?

Wow, did you ever luck out!

Looking over what’s available, you can build a great, simple meal that will be nourishing and satisfying.

But what happens when almost nothing appears to be vital and healthy?

Well, like anything else, you just do the best you can.

Choose your best options, bless your food real good, and take your digestive enzymes (you do carry a few with you, right?).

Worst case
In looking at the origin of disease, the most difficult scenarios for me are extended family gatherings– it seems like everyone brings their favorite (unhealthy) dish. Southern cooking is definitely comfort food, but there’s a reason why a majority of overweight people live (and eat) here.

Trying to find something not-fried, not-pork, etc. can be a challenge, so in addition to bringing my trusty enzymes, I also try to make sure to:

Get enough sleep

Drink plenty of good water throughout the day

Take it easy on stimulants like caffeine (so I can get enough sleep)

woman walking

Go take a hike 🙂

Try to get outside for a walk (getting a little sunshine and fresh air is especially important if you’re stuck inside a building with only fluorescent light and not-so-great air quality)

Take the time for morning and evening prayer and meditation (this one is absolutely crucial for me)

If you can manage to cover these simple activities, you will be in much better shape to deal with everyone’s quirks (remember, they’re dealing with yours, too) and calmly handle the little emergencies that inevitably come up.

Just remind yourself that neglect can be the cause or origin of disease– you might find it is a bit easier to avoid in your day to day life.

It’s up to you to establish a regular routine of healthy habits. After all, we’re talking about your health, and by extension, your future.

And if you have kids, their well-being is also at stake.

Nutritional deficiency in children is higher than ever. ADD/ADHD, autism, and many birth defects can sometimes be avoided, and maybe even corrected, if you can locate the origin of disease and reverse it.

Eating organic food, refining your choice of food combinations, discovering (and eliminating) food allergies, supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals, homeopathic cell salts, amino acids, essential fatty acids, or some other missing nutrient– these are all potential answers to your health issues.

[If it’s a problem finding affordable organic foods, remember that organic gardening is an enjoyable hobby that provides good exercise and a bountiful harvest.]

But if you’re body is already full of toxins (and most people’s are), there is a bit more to the process. Still very do-able, although the average human isn’t usually inspired to change– stretch their comfort zone– until something is found to be very wrong.

As you investigate the cause(s) of difficulties with your well-being, you will most likely find that there are several problems that are interwoven. It’s possible that they are so tightly bound together, the separate issues must be approached together rather than independently.

Just keep at it.

You will find that you are feeling better, thinking more clearly, acting more calmly, and maybe even looking younger 😉 .

You don’t have much control over some things in this world.

But you are in charge of the way you think and behave.

And with care, you can usually avoid the physical neglect that would lead to health problems.

But if it’s already gone farther than you would like, you can find the origin of disease, make some changes in your lifestyle, do some rebuilding, and become healthier than ever!

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