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Pine Flower

Pine Tree in Bloom

Pine Bach Flower Essence relates to the soul quality of self-acceptance.

Its negative state will present as inappropriate feelings of guilt.

A common trait of one who is in the negative Pine state is the willingness, even eagerness, of taking the blame for the mistakes or misdeeds of others. Always feeling undeserving of the good in life, she will sacrifice her own needs so that others may enjoy themselves.

It’s difficult for this type to have Joy in her life, because she tends to be dissatisfied with any accomplishments, no matter how great.

Sometimes Pines will choose an abusive life partner, trying to no avail to please and to love someone who will not return these feelings and actions. Because, of course, they believe themselves to be undeserving of a partner who will treat them well.

Studies of many cases and profiles seem to indicate a negative Pine state begins in the womb.

Maybe the child was unplanned, the “wrong” gender, or possibly the pregnancy serves to “trap” the parents in a marriage no longer wanted.

At any rate, the child begins very early on to have feelings of being not quite enough.

Unfortunately, many religions seem to encourage this negative development. In some varieties of Christianity, for example, followers are taught that all are naturally sinful; a true Christian should daily “take up the cross.”

My thinking (assuming this is your belief) is if Jesus did this for you already, ACCEPT THE GIFT.

You will be so much more effective in your service if you quit punishing yourself with self sacrifice.

When Pine is developed (or re-developed) in a harmonious and positive way, life is lived with high moral values and ideals. Guidance from a Higher Power gives the freedom to live live joyfully, knowing you’ve done your best at all levels.

A positive Pine is loyal, reliable, and incorruptible.

Always remember – you are a child of the Creator.
And that Creator is filled with Love for you.

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