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Q-Link (electromagnetic chaos eliminator) is the most advanced personal energy system available today. A quarter century of frontier research has given birth to the Q-Link, a sleek pendant that tunes your being for optimal living: more energy, less stress, greater focus, and enhanced well being. No matter what you do, the Q-Link simply helps you feel better and gives you a creative edge by helping harmonizing your mind and body.

Beneficial Resonance with Your Personal Electromagnetic Field

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health in the United States adopted a new term – biofield – to describe a growing body of research showing a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. The biofield is something you’ve probably already noticed: a vital force that animates your body and powers your daily life. When your biofield is out of balance, YOU’re out of balance. Disease, fatigue, and apathy all reflect a compromised biofield. When something improves your biofield, such as the Q-Link, it enhances your sense of well-being.

Every day, your biofield is negatively impacted by flickering computer monitors, irate bosses, cell phones, emotional stress, tabloid television, and traffic jams (electromagnetic chaos). You are literally bombarded with frequencies that can wear you down. That’s why it is essential to recharge.

Q-Link products tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world. It is the best known (and loved) electromagnetic chaos eliminator.

Wearing Your Q Link

The Q-Link pendant should hang around your neck at the center of your chest. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it inside or outside your clothing. We have found that you and your Q-Link begin to create a linked energy system over time – a sympathetic resonance effect, to use the technical term. This effect reinforces and enhances specific life-supporting energies in your biofield.

With a Q-Link, the recharging of your biofield is happening whenever you wear it. So it’s to your advantage to wear it all the time, even when you sleep. It is especially valuable when you are exposed to strong Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), such as in front of a computer monitor, while on a cell phone, or if you live near high-voltage power lines. The more you wear it, the better the results.

Maintenance on your Q-Link is easy. There are no batteries and no parts that wear out. No hassle and no noise. You can swim with it or shower with it. The only maintenance required for your Q-Link is to clean it using a damp cloth (no cleaning solutions, please). The components inside the Q-Link have been engineered to create optimal resonance effects for an indefinite length of time.

Q Link Pendant

Basic Q Link Pendant

Q-Link Pendant with SRT-3 Check Price

Titanium Q Link Pendant

Titanium Q Link Pendant

Q Link SRT-3 Titanium Health Energy Pendant Check Price

Silver Q Link Pendant

Silver Q Link Pendant - Pebble Style

Clarus Q-LINK Silver Pebble Brushed SRT3 QLink Pendant Check Price

Gold Q Link Pendant

Gold Q Link Pendant

Clarus Q-LINK Gold Pebble Polished SRT3 QLink Pendant Check Price

Qlink Silver Retro

Qlink Silver Retro Pendant

Q-Link Silver Retro SRT-3 Pendant – Check Price

Q Link Bracelets Now Available:

Q-Link Unisex Titanium Bracelet

Q-Link Unisex Titanium Bracelet

Q-Link Unisex Titanium Bracelet Silver – Check Price

Q-Link Ladies Stainless Steel SRT-3 Bracelet

Q-Link Ladies Stainless Steel Bracelet

Q-Link Ladies Brushed Stainless Steel SRT-3 Bracelet – Check Price

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