Case Study – Severe Scoliosis

This amazing wonderful woman has been such an inspiration to me!

“Dorothy” (not her real name)  is a 75 year old female (This case study has been published with her permission).

She came to me with severe scoliosis of the spine – a “hunched back” on her left side, left shoulder 3 inches higher than her right shoulder, and her head displaced too far to the right (i.e. her chin wasn’t centered over her body). Dorothy appeared to have a bit of a spiral happening with her spine. Her mid-back and pelvis did not appear as radically affected as her upper back, shoulders, and neck. I haven’t seen any xrays or spoken with her doctor to know for sure.

She had noticed the scoliosis worsening over the past 2 to 3 years. Her doctor had given her a cortisone injection in her left trapezius muscle (between the neck and shoulder) several months previous for the pain and inflammation. Dorothy said the shot was no help with her pain or the appearance of her shoulder.

Her goal for working with with me was to reduce her pain and muscle tension.

I explained that her left trapezius muscle was indeed enlarged and quite tense (contracted), but the biggest contributing factor was her displaced upper ribs underneath those muscles. And then, of course, the muscles were working extra hard, trying to keep her structure as straight as possible, so they were pretty knotted up.

With scoliosis, the spine usually forms a lateral “S” curve, as seen from the back. It can also become like a corkscrew, a spiral, which will definitely affect rib placement, because your ribs connect into your spine.

Think of an under-inflated balloon.
Squeeze one side, and the other side expands.

We have no “before” pictures, because honestly, I didn’t believe a complete recovery would be possible because of her age. I was hoping we could get her to a point of less or no pain, and with luck, to keep the scoliosis from progressing any further.

Sometimes I am SO HAPPY to be proved wrong!!

Here are the recommendations I made for Dorothy:

  • Homeopathic remedy for Tuberculosis miasm (TB miasm causes a change in the genetic DNA structure due to an ancestor’s TB infection of the spine. Bunions and macular degeneration are also manifestations of TB miasm.)
  • Hands-on Healing sessions
  • Daily Healing Broadcast (distance energy healing)
  • Topical arnica gel for muscle soreness

Dorothy’s neck started “moving” within the first month taking the homeopathic remedy, causing a 2 day headache bad enough that she decided to take Tylenol® (which was her norm). Other than those two days, she believed her pain was lessening.

The miracle made itself known about a month later.

As I was working with her spine energy during my Daily Healing Broadcast, a vision was presented to me. I followed the energetic “instructions” and then… nothing.

So I thanked Spirit and continued working with my other distance healing clients.

She and I happened to have a hands-on healing appointment that afternoon, so I got to see Dorothy in person.

Her spine had moved in a HUGE way!

She was so excited, she wanted me to take pictures (thank goodness for SmartPhone convenience).

Her “hunchback” was 95% gone.
Left shoulder only an inch higher than the right.
Her chin was a bit closer to being centered.

We two must have been a sight – laughing and crying and jumping up and down with joy.


Scoliosis Case Study Scoliosis Case Study

Scoliosis Case Study
You can see in the photos that Dorothy’s spine is not yet totally straight, AND we have high hopes that it will continue to align itself properly.

She is reporting “NO MORE PAIN.”

My Big Lesson:
ALWAYS Expect the Miracle!

I told this lovely lady I was so gratefully surprised because I hadn’t expected this complete turnaround.

Her reply – “Well, I did!”

Jesus said it pretty well – “By your faith, you have been healed.”


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