Sodium Fluoride – Toxic Food Additive

Sodium fluoride is an industrial waste product

Municipal Tap Water

Commonly found in commercial toothpaste and municipal drinking water, sodium fluoride is a waste product of the aluminum, nuclear, and petroleum-based fertilizer industries. It has historically been used as rat poison and takes a long time to degrade in the environment.

Sodium fluoride (like other metals) accumulates in the right kidney. It inhibits function of the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, parotids, and pituitary gland. It is a major contributor to premature aging, and greatly hampers the immune system on a physical and spiritual/emotional level.

The production of collagen is inhibited by an over-abundance of sodium fluoride. Collagen is the matrix upon which our bodies build cartilage, bone, arteries and blood vessels, skin, hair, and teeth. You could say that brushing your teeth (with fluoridated toothpaste) is hazardous to your appearance… and your health. It causes weak bones and arteries, and (gasp) WRINKLES!

This toxic substance hinders the immune system by suppressing the thymus gland. On the emotional/ spiritual level, fluoride affects your will-power (the Will Center or thymus chakra is located over the thymus gland), creating a society of sheep willing to be led by whoever is in charge.

So many people have low-performing thyroid glands these days, that the “accepted standards” in the medical community for “normal” thyroid function was lowered a few years back. Fluoridation of municipal (city) water systems began in the 1940’s in the USA. That means second- and third-generation fluoride consumers are now in their adulthood (do you find it interesting that obesity is at an all-time high?).

And because the thyroid houses the “Integrity” Energy Center (thyroid chakra), many people are unable or unwilling to stand in their own power, and oppose what they know to be wrong. So unjust and even unlawful (although officially-sanctioned) practices continue.

If you wish to remove the fluoride from your municipal drinking water, the reverse osmosis process is the only water treatment presently available. Heat distillation, besides destroying the integrity of the water, evaporates and re-condenses sodium fluoride along with the H2o.

If you’re concerned about dental health (as we all should be) calcium fluoride is a natural, non-toxic form easily obtained by drinking green or black tea (Camelia sinensis), or by taking Calc Fluor homeopathic cell salts.

Don’t use Teflon coated cookware (or its derivatives, such as Tefal) because heat releases the toxic fluoride compounds contained in these substances.

Besides the obvious municipal water fluoridation, lots more fluoride is released into our surface water (rivers, lakes) because of industrial mining operations and the production and use of synthetic fertilizers.

Indications: Nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, brain fog, depression, loss of will power, mouth sores and ulcers, mottled teeth, rashes, stiffness, stomach cramps, premature wrinkling, brittle bones and teeth, constipation, overall weakness, muscular weakness, chronic fatigue, excessive thirst, headaches, skin rashes, joint pains, digestive upsets, tingling in the extremities, loss of mental acuity, hyperactivity in children.

Fluoride poisoning can also result in:

  • Destruction of about 60 enzymes, including cytochrome C and cholinesterase, which handle oxygen
  • Genetic change in sperm and other cells
  • Downs Syndrome increase of 250% with 70% of these children developing cataracts
  • Increase in infant mortality, spontaneous abortions and miscarriages
  • Increased infant birth defects
  • Goiter

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  1. So true, so true…if you read all the results it is exactly the diseases that people most suffer from today…go back to nature and try to learn what is good for which illness. European Union already banned natural stuff from markets etc… so the farmaceutical inudstry is already working hard to poision most of the people….. it,s time to wake up people!!!

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