Dark Force – Undesirable Spiritual Entities

The subject of Dark Force and spiritual entities is not a very popular one.

The idea that something– something not you is somehow influencing your actions or affecting your life– that’s not a fun thought.

It’s maybe even a little bit scary.

Who ya gonn call?

Undesirable Spiritual Entities

Here’s good news: Nothing and no-one can harm you without your permission, even if that permission is on an emotional or soul level, rather than a conscious one.

When compared to the physical level, carrying around spiritual entities is kind of like having parasites. Really, they are parasites, but what we regard as dark force is on the spiritual plane.

I have a theory about entity possession: What we call an entity, bad spirit, or even a demon, I believe can safely be termed negative energy. These “bad energy” somethings are “nourished” by negative emotions, like anger and fear.

If you have physical parasites, you would want to make your body inhospitable to them; use herbs or homeopathics the bugs don’t like; maybe take away what they like you to eat.

With spiritual parasites, the approach is sometimes similar– do something to run the bugger off, and make yourself a “bad host.” This will almost always mean a change in attitude and behavior, sometimes even a change of environment.

Purifying your thoughts isn’t always so easy, that may be why we (humans) came up with the idea of group worship services (church, temple, circle). It’s a lot easier to maintain a positive persona in a group of like-minded positive people.

So be careful who you hang around with. You never know “who else” might be there, too, just waiting to hitch a ride.

I’ve been told that a hospital emergency room is a great place to pick up these dark force “hitch hikers.” Think about it– like rats leaving a sinking ship, they need somewhere to go if their host is on its way out.

So don’t be available for them. Stay in prayer; keep your “vertical connection” with Source (Creator). Sing, or at least, listen to sacred and other high-frequency music. Read sacred text or scripture. Do nice things for people: spread Joy. These actions are your best “vaccine” and make you unattractive to spiritual entities.

You can’t tell an angry person not to be angry– just makes them mad. So-called anger issues can be associated with an undesirable entity; it becomes a self-fulfilling circle. The negative emotion (anger) “feeds” the “bad energy” something, which then goes on to create more anger.

It’s difficult to convince a fearful person not to be afraid– it scares them to think that here is one more situation they can’t assess correctly: they’re afraid of “nothing.”

Practically ALL of the energy in existence is in the unseen (or unmanifest) world. What you see with your eyes is only a very small percent of Reality.

Spiritual healers “cast out demons” when dealing with the sick and obsessed (Hey- if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me). Once spiritual entities are removed, the body can recuperate, sometimes even instantly (we call that a miracle), more often in hours, days, or weeks.

Many illnesses have a “dark side” to them. Jesus knew about these dark forces and called them by name.

It appears that one of the Laws of the Universe commands spiritual entities to obey your spoken word. Talk to the unwanted visitor and demand that it leave (“Get thee behind me..”). Ask God (or the Universe or your angels or guides…) to help you to say the right words.

Fasting and prayer can be helpful in establishing and keeping your “vertical” (to the Creator) connection open. Use the power of Faith. Faith is an inner connection between you and the universe. Depression is as unlikely in the presence of faith, as darkness in the presence of light.

And by now, we know that emotions like fear, anger, and depression are both magnet and nourishment for undesirable spiritual entities– Dark Force.

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