Chem-Free Teeth Whitening – A Little Experiment

When I saw the article for a natural teeth whitening process, it got my attention. After all, many items in my diet come with natural teeth-staining properties: coffee and tea, blueberries, beets, blackberries, red wine…

So I began to read, and my immediate reaction was, “Cool… I could use this.” The next instant I’m wondering if it’s actually an Internet prank.

Bananas for Teeth Whitening?I could just imagine some jokester sitting in front of his computer, howling with laughter as he thought of the gajillions of people rubbing banana peel on their teeth! (yes, that was the tip – the fleshy inside of the peel rubbed on to your pearlies)

The justification in the article was that the inner banana peel contains minerals that absorb into your teeth and make them whiter. Likely story.

Well, it so happened I had just bought several organic bananas (it’s important to use organic if you’re going to try this; there are some nasty pesticides used in banana boxes to keep the rodents and insects at bay).

My digestive system doesn’t handle this particular fruit very well, but I was havin’ a hankerin’ for bananas in my morning smoothie, so I had justified my stomach’s objections away.

Using a half banana in each day’s smoothie, I had enough daily “whitening material” for a week long experiment.

And you know what, I think it actually made a difference!

After a week, my intestinal distress from the bananas was beginning to catch up to me, although my teeth-staining activities continue, so the whitening effect probably won’t hold. But it might be fun to do it a couple days every few weeks or so, just because.

If you decide to try this, I hope you’ll let me know what your results are. Just use the comment section below and let me know, would you?
(And be sure to use only organic bananas!)



  1. Using banana skins is no sillier than “oil pulling,” the Ayurvedic practice of running coconut oil around and through your teeth for 20 minutes and then spitting it out. Hey, if it works … 😉 But, as you say, Sherri, since we continue our “staining” habits, whatever we adopt would have to become a lifelong practice.

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