Viral Infection

Viral Infection

A virus is kinda scary looking, isn’t it?

A viral infection can be difficult for the body to detect because it (the virus) has a protein coating. A virus cannot reproduce itself and must utilize the host’s (YOUR) DNA to replicate.

The virus gets into your cell nucleus (to get to the DNA) by using a special enzyme. This enzyme can be de-activated with elderberry fruit.

So I guess the little old ladies who took a bit of elderberry wine each day “for their constitution” weren’t just getting tipsy. They were on to something!

You always hear that a virus “just has to run its course.”

This is true, but we can make that course a bit shorter with herbal and homeopathic combinations. A viral infection is almost always complex, and can easily leave disease residues in the body (leaving you open to future problems), so it will usually need a multi-faceted approach.

Viruses tend to be very emotional: they can turn a usually stoic person into a whimpering complainer.

NEVER give aspirin or aspirin-related NSAIDS like ibuprofen (Advil) to anyone you suspect has a viral infection. The combination of aspirin and a viral infection has been linked with Reye’s syndrome (a serious disease affecting the brain and liver).

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