Walnut – Bach Flower Essence

English Walnut Tree

Old Walnut Tree

Walnut is the Bach Flower Remedy used for protection from outside influences, most commonly during some sort of transition or transformation process.

This would include: puberty, menopause, moving to a new place, traveling, a change in relationship (new or break-up or other loss), change in career, education and learning, dieting or cleansing, building or remodeling your home…. The list may be endless, but you get the picture.

Walnut is also used to break the chains with the past, including breaking unwanted habits (add Chestnut Bud) and clearing inherited tendencies and disorders.

I find that Walnut Bach Flower Essence is particularly helpful to those who are on some sort of  ‘consciously spiritual’ path (and if you’re reading this, I assume you are).

All of the Walnut qualities apply to spiritual seekers: transition, protection from undue influence, and changing old behavior patterns. There are periods of my life when I carry a bottle of this remedy in my purse along with Rescue®.

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  1. Flower Essences says

    I had tried a lot of flower essences like chestnut bud and it is really effective. Flower essences in general is safe to use and has many amazing health benefits.

    I am 5 year user of this and it works great in my body. Love your article very informative hope you continue to write one. 🙂

  2. Would someone with nut allergies be able to use this?

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