White Chestnut Bach Flower Essence

When the Wheels Keep Turning

White Chestnut is for those whose “wheels of the mind” won’t stop turning.

For anything.

Someone in the negative White Chestnut state may be unable to leave work at work, and instead obsessively rehashes the events of the day. “I should have done this. I should never have done that.”

The movie playing in her head just can’t be turned off.

White ChestnutOr maybe at work, the negative White Chestnut can’t stop going over the list of things to be taken care of at home- the vacuuming, the yardwork; the need to change the oil in the car.

Whether it is “shoulds and shouldn’ts,” to-do lists, or even (what used to be) a favorite song that constantly occupies the mind, the person needing White Chestnut is drawn away from the present.

If you are not Here, Now, you won’t be able to fully experience and enjoy your Be-ing.

And not only that, you could actually put yourself or others at risk by not being fully present.

A White Chestnut personality tends to be an introvert and has a strong mind, able to give detailed attention to whatever is at hand. The problem comes when there is a lack of balance.

Possibly a devastating event threw off her equilibrium. Whatever the case, compulsive worries or fears will begin to dominate her thoughts, causing a lack of concentration, insomnia, maybe even headaches.

It’s information overload.

Most people’s subconscious will suppress this extra, unnecessary information until a later date, when it is either needed, or able to be processed.

The sensitive White Chestnut personality will just hold it all, whirling and swirling inside her head.

Bach’s White Chestnut Flower Essence will allow balance and order to be restored, breaking the vicious cycle of compulsive thinking. It helps with mental clarity and the ability to concentrate, reducing and even banishing headache or insomnia.

Negative thoughts can still be present, but they no longer control the mind- they are simply thoughts.

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