Wild Rose – Bach Flower Essence for Apathy

Wild Rose, sometimes known as the Teenager Remedy, is the Bach Flower Essence for enthusiasm and interest in daily living. It improves attention to life’s details, increases adaptability and a positive attitude.
Wild Rose

It minimizes indifference, resignation, and mental passivity. Very helpful during convalescence, Wild Rose helps you find those “boot-straps” you need to pull yourself up and out of apathy.

It is important to remember that resignation is NOT the same thing as the acceptance of your circumstances, your “lot in life.” Acceptance of fate implies a trust that God/Creator/Higher Power is at work, and all things work toward good, at least eventually.

Resignation— rejecting fate— means living only the daily drudge: no resistance, no investment in ourselves or relationships, basically, just passing through life without active participation.

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