Heal Yourself with Natural Cures – Help From Your Personal Wellness Consultant

Need nutritional advice for natural cures?

Everyone could use a personal wellness consultant; most folks just don’t know it yet.

You know, someone who can provide you with health information for the problems you ought to be able to heal yourself.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a Vitality Plan customized just for you?

PersonalWellnessConsultant.com is here to help.

Or perhaps you’d like to take back your personal power that’s been given over to the medical community. Western medicine has proved very effective for situations like surgery and emergencies, but for chronic issues (disease), it has failed us miserably.

Americans are addicted to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicine… led to believe that surgery and chemotherapy (or other pharmaceuticals) are the only option.

Maybe sometimes they are.

And maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe the answer is finding one or more organic cures to heal the source of the problem.

Amazing Design

The human body is designed to repair and rebuild itself if we remove the obstacles that have been put in our way. Organic cures can help with this.

There’s a lot of toxicity out there– stuff to be dealt with every day. Besides the environmental pollution that comes with our modern way of life, there are poisons our own bodies produce because of metabolic wastes, and negative emotions like fear and hatred.

If you can figure out how to reduce that load with organic cures, your immune system can do the job it was created for: making sure all your parts are functioning optimally for your whole being.

This is where PersonalWellnessConsultant.com comes in:

Help with dietary considerations

Therapeutic alternatives to Western Medicine

Organic and natural cures you can make for yourself and your family (home remedies)

Suggestions for daily practice leading to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Human Beings are Complex Creatures

Physical causes of ill health may be interwoven with spiritual and emotional causes. This must be sorted out if you are to make a wellness plan to heal yourself.

Your Personal Wellness Consultant can help you with priorities and suggestions.

The basic format and much of the information on this site is derived from Rev. Hanna Kroeger’s work, as she has been one of my main teachers in the area of homeopathic and other organic cures. Also represented are Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Hulda Clark, and many, many others. The rest of this material I have gleaned over the 25 years I have been helping people use organic cures to find and remove the obstacles standing in the way of their optimum health.

So, whether it’s assistance with a candida cure, help with choosing alternative healing methods, or even a home remedy for dry hair, look to Your Personal Wellness Consultant for the help you need to heal yourself.

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